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Nerdy Run

Nerdy Run is classic Infinite Runner that also contains mini-games. The goal of the game is help Nerdy to don't be late to class. To do this, we have to avoid grabbing certain objects that might slow us down or grab others that might help us on the mini-games.It was made in Unity and every asset was made from scratch. I hope you like it and if not, leave a comment of what thing you didn't like so I can take note for my future games!I'll leave the Google Play link, for someone who wants to see the comments or stay tuned for the updates:

Mechanics Game Graphics

I like the simple mechanics but what I don't like is the lack of textures of some walls or the same simple texture for the ground, which is the one we see most. I think it would add up a lot of detail if you could change that things.

3 years ago

Nerdy Run