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I need to know if this is even good game idea.  Please leave your feedback on this site or here: can check out my itch io page = fullscreenESC = restart gameCtrl = next waveSound credits:Mike Koenig - Slime Splash Sound, Mike Koenig - Splat And Squirt Sound, GunGuru - MP5 SMG 9mm Sound

Controls Level Design

It's nice game, but after some time you can add more options to choose from.

I like this game.

4 months ago

I can't run it because: "UnityPlayer.dll was not found".

4 months ago

Thanks for your feedback. I'm currently working on update that will make good weapons harder to get.

3 months ago
Game Graphics

I wasn't able to run the game but i view some of your sprites, sounds and music and those were great.

3 months ago
Mechanics Controls

Nice game, but little bit to much hard for me.

3 months ago

Why did you write same feedback as harrytubestudios?

3 months ago

I think this game has lot of potential if it can offer something more than classic survival game with zombies, which is hard to say because you didn't give us a download link(I know your game isn't finish, but it's important to have feedback even on unfinishd game).

2 months ago

Thanks for reporting that bug.

2 months ago

I fixed that bug, now you just need to press CTRL to start new wave.

2 months ago

Thank you so much and nice video.

2 months ago

Yeah I agree with all of your critisms.

2 months ago

And I am working on update that will repair all of those things.

2 months ago

Thanks for feedback and playing my game.

2 months ago

Update that fix all things that you mention is now out.

2 months ago

Thanks once more for the video. The player's health regenerates with each level you get, when the enemy drops a small heart, with an upgrade that has a heart and a plus or arrow (plus add more health, but only for maximum health, and the arrow increases more health and add one hp).
I don't want to add this game on any other platform yet, where people don't expect buggy games, because my game is quite buggy and has no end screen.
And I will love to see another video about my game.

1 month ago

Thanks for the idea with itch io It's really good.
There is my page:

1 month ago

Why did you write same feedback as vladyslu?

3 weeks ago

Skins are great idea!!!

6 days ago



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