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In Dystopicon the players will live in a dystopian society in which they receive money to watch TV. With that money they pay services to cover their basic needs. Throughout the game they will discover the details of this dystopia in which the government monitors your movements but gives you freedom of choice.   The story will be told through gameplay, texts and comics.   In this demo you can try the basic mechanics and the main context of the story: The Trinity,  riots, the Automatic Euthanasia Machine, the job lottery and the TV mechanic.   The game will be expanded as we finish the different development milestones.   Thank you for playing Dystopicon!   Justice and work!Demo available in: https://overmolo.itch.io/dystopicon

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve

I liked very much. The context and the story is pretty interesting.
I've selected "Tutorial/Learning Curve" as the "needs most work" only because I have to choose one option but I think it's ok right now.
It's an interesting game, most than I thought.

1 month ago

Do Not Feed the Monkeys