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Risky Remap

Risky Remap is a game. The goal is to get the green thingies and dodge the red thingies. The journey is harder than you may believe at first. Controls are a tad weird btw...The game is on GameJolt so download through there (only avaialbe on Windows sorry). If you like it and have an account for GJ don't forgot to follow/rate! :]

Mechanics Game Graphics

The double car mechanic is pretty cool and makes it somewhat hectic, although I wish there was something more to the game mechanically to make it more interesting, (3 lanes per side maybe? i dunno).

The graphics are really meh. Mostly the one thing that screams it is the sky, the grey color looks really bad, make it blue. The grass needs something too like daffyfig said: bushes, trees, or at least a texture of some kind instead of plain green.

3 years ago

Ah, I think I see what happened here. I have it setup so when you are on the menu pressing "L" will log you in to GameJolt so you can submit your scores to the leaderboard. I guess that was kind of a stupid way to do it, will make it so you have to click it.

And I completely agree with what you said about the... lack of tutorial/instructions. I'll work on that for sure!

3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! :D

I agree with what you said in the cons, the blocks sometimes cover the keys. Maybe make the key render over everything else?

3 years ago

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