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Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game; being competitive at its core, it is captivating and rewarding not only to play, but also to watch. From epic fails to perfect plays, from minion rushes to slow pushes and from all-in tower attacks to sneaky backdoors Coregrounds delivers an exciting esport experience and yet radiates an indie charm. Beat a challenging and vicious AI Play against friends in private matches Climb the Scoregrounds in ranked matches Unlock dozens of minions, towers and abilities Modify your units and draft the perfect build Unlock colors and customize the Coregrounds Complete more than 100 achievements

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Hey Ben,

just wanted to give you a bit of feedback on Batch 17. First of all: love the name, love the setting, and the visual style. While I think you could still do a lot in terms of visual finetuning (better textures, nozzle flash closer to actual gun, walking animation), I think that you could profit the most from actually not directly working on the game itself at the moment.

You don't have a website for the game, your personal one doesn't get a database connection, I couldn't find a short paragraph or bullet point list of the game's features your IndieDB profile. Things like that are a nuisance, but so important! I think this game could appeal to a really large audience (it does remind me of Dead Space), but you'll have to make it as appealing as possible! Just a simple one pager website with the content from your Greenlight page would help a lot!

Good luck with your game and keep up the good work!

7 years ago

Hey Foxar, thanks for your feedback! :-)

Waiting during the draft phase is necessary because each ban or pick affects the remaining choices, each unit can only be picked once!

As for the music: you're totally right, the music is still a work in progress - we're making something special here! We're building an adaptive background music, that changes depending on what's happening on the Coregrounds at any given time! But that's a little more work than a fixed track... ;-)

7 years ago