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Locked is a 2D Sokoban style retro puzzle game and editor!    You can create your own puzzles, publish them, play and rate other people's ones! But it has many more features than just the basic Sokoban puzzles! It contains portals, blocks you can step on a limited number of times, one-way blocks checkpoints, keys and much more!It also gets updated roughly every 2 weeks with new features and mechanics!Right now it's available for PC and Linux!Click here to download it!  


I must admit, I am not that much into cookie clicker games but I tried yours and it was really nice!
Loved the graphics and also the theme (I am hungry now)

A suggestion (didn't do the entire playthrough so not sure if this is implemented already):
- Maybe you could do some events like a Christmas event or an Easter event where you have different food to click and you only have let's say 4/5 days or the duration of the holiday to maximize that economy and there is a scoreboard and players can compete for prizes! I think that'd make it so players will never actually "finish" the game, but will always look forward to playing more events!

6 months ago
Animation Level Design

I like how simple the controls are (literally just one button) and yet the game is pretty intense!
I said that "Level Design" needs most work because I'd love to see more features added to this game! Maybe different maps with different landscapes, maybe different types of enemies that are harder to kills, maybe customizable weapons that you can buy with points or supply drops!

6 months ago

The Race Factory