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Hi guys, this is the demo for Spread, a 2D horror puzzle platformer. You play as a little girl who has the power to control the growth of vines, and you use it to solve puzzles and explore a run-down hotel.   The game is still under development, but I wanted to put out a demo to see what people think. Any and all feedback, criticism and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!    I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on the interaction with the vines! I really love the theme of vines but I'm not sure about the mechanics.    Please tell me what you think in the comments, or contact me via following channels! Thank you :)   Backstory The little girl Vines has long been troubled by a strange disease. After exchanging letters with a mysterious physician, Vines' mother decided to take her to this half-abandoned town to find a cure for her disease.    To the west of town, at the foot of the mountains, a couple of crumbling buildings stand by the river. One of them is the StoneVein Spa Resort, once a famous rehabilitation facility but now lack of care. When Vines woke up in their room, she found her mom missing, and the hotel filled with secrets and lurking monsters...

Center Hero

Center Hero is a fast rotating game with rogue-like and magical elements! The original idea was to make a game where the character was just in the middle attacking incoming monsters. The more time you hit the monsters, the faster it goes and you do more damage!  Then I started to think why not add spells and items to use on the field with some rogue abilities upgrade because I love rogue-like games so much. You can even cast a powerful spell by holding the screen for a period of time! AND IT'S HERE!   The story is pretty simple. The evil creatures have invaded your homeland! Defeat them all to protect your village! THANKS  EVERYONE!  PLZ, comment if you like this game!

Game Graphics Mechanics

I like the character design! Simple but cute, but it's too difficult for me I keep getting killed...... I think the obstacles are coming out a bit too fast for me

2 months ago

Thank you for the feedback! I'm hoping to release another demo in a month's time. In the next demo there will be an inventory and more story background. We are replacing the enemy as well because it was buggy and sometimes too difficult. For now we're only doing keyboard control but joystick support will certainly be something to consider for the future! Thanks again for taking the time to try out the game! Feel free to follow us on Twitter:

2 months ago

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