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Drift Worlds - Real life racing in ridiculous scenarios

Drift Worlds is an arcade racer that simulates real world racing across outrageous terrains and environments.    You will find yourself drifting across desert plateau's, above the clouds across snowy tundras or deep in the depths of a volcano. With dozens of levels providing unique and exciting challenge we'll see who can hold the record for each race. Hold the record and you will be immortalised as a ghost racing along side each new challenger.    Make sure to get your driving right to earn some more money to help you unlock more cars in the garage.   ⚠️⚠️⚠️   There are dozens of levels to explore and even more cars to unlock with more content being updated weekly.   Each level provides unique obstacles and challenges so make sure you're racing at your best. Drift smoothly around each corner and avoid the obstacles, make one small mistake and you will be sent flying into the abyss. Drive well enough and you will earn enough money to unlock the best and fastest cars.    Racing has never been so much fun! Drift Worlds combines real life graphics with a fun arcade feel, with unique and exciting levels to conquer. Don't forget to challenge you friends to see who will become the ultimate Drift King!  

Physics Mechanics

Just another Flappy Bird clone but much worse. No scoreboard. Graphics are mix and match between gradient and 8 bit. Works well but I hope it was just a learning exercise as there's no need to choose this one over any other better developed versions. It's free so props to that

1 month ago

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