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SpeedTap is an addictive colour shade perception game with a simple objective: find the square that is unlike the others and tap it. Sound easy enough? Think again! You’re under a time limit!Single Player mode - Play on many grid sizes ranging from a 3x3 grid to an 8x8 grid. You have 2 seconds to find and tap the outlier. Earn 1 point for each correct tap. The time to find outliers decreases and the colour differences become smaller as you progress. Can you achieve at least 50 points on each grid size? Tapped the wrong square? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you which one was the outlier.Multiplayer - Show off your colour shade perception skills against others! See how many points you can get in 60 seconds on a 4x4 grid. Can you score 100 points or more?Achievements - The best-of-the-best achievement hunters will be busy for a long time with 34 achievements to unlock. How many can you achieve without breaking a sweat?Leaderboards - With a total of 7 leaderboards, you have 7 opportunities to become the best in the world. What are you waiting for? Start tapping now!

Physics Mechanics

+ Graphics style
+ Physics are great, adds a very interesting twist to a classic game
+ Pieces get brighter once they are placed
+ Fitting music
+ No walls mode
+ Option for alternate control scheme

- Not a fan of video ads

* Integrate with Google Play Game Services to have an online leaderboard and achievements system

3 years ago

Thanks for the roast! We've uploaded a new version of the game on the Google Play store with better assets for the Google Play logo and the sound icon and we have disabled the automatic Google Play login. We're currently looking into some fitting additional sounds.

3 years ago