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Jumping League

Hello fellow gamers, yesterday we released our first android game (soon to be on ios) Jumping League. Jumping League is a classical platformer (like Super Mario) with a built in map editor. Every player can create maps and upload them. Players get matched against maps depending on their skill-level. This system assures you get maps which you are able to beat. If you like a map (or created it) you can share it with your friends via a simple link. We tried to catch the Mario-esque style of the games we loved as kids and bring it to the world of smartphones, while also using new possibilities of the World Wide Web. We wish for our players to have the same fun we had when we were younger, hoping for a game that allows us to create our own maps. We would love to get some feedback, so we can make it one of the best platformers out there.

Animation Controls

Your game really looks awesome. It is polished quite nicely. But consider reworking your input controls for the webclient! It is really annoying to use only 1 hand instead of 2.

2 years ago

Frank, [05.02.17 19:27]
Hey, we are glad you that like it!

We are currently reworking our tutorial since we feel like it was a little bit too difficult as well. This change will also be used to make it feel less clunky. Thank you for your feedback pointing this out!

As for the level design: Nearly all of our maps are made by other players, so we were a little bit scared that those maps might not be too pretty, but it seems like that is not the case. We absolutely love the map designs our players have created so far!

2 years ago

Hi jlvc,

we really appreciate your review. We did put a lot of time and effort into our controls and it is really nice to know you like them.

As for the campaign mode: A new player will start with a very small elo (1050), this means he will get very short and easy maps. We know for some new players it can be a little annoying to have to play some easy maps first, but they will hit a higher elo really fast and then the maps they get will be way longer and much more challenging. So keep on playing you will get what you want pretty soon. We are currently working on a system to classify the skill level of players way faster, so experienced players get challenging maps much faster.

We have already thought about a real campaign or challenge mode, but we have to implement some other things first. So unfortunately this will have to wait for now.

2 years ago

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