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Weird Baby Game

I found this weird baby game in my GameMaker files, I wanted to share it but I didn't want it on my gamejolt, I save those for serious games. I've decided on my judgement that I'll just put it here.Also Red Labs made the Sega Cover of the Deltarune song.

Level Design Controls

The Concept is cool and fun, with random events spicing up the difficulty when need be, given the fact that shooting off 2 guys and only that would get tedious after a while.

Controls feel highly sluggish, the Arrow Keys inch the player when you tap and if you hold, you just zoom in that direction. If you are trying to get away from one of the men that come from either the left and right, it's hard to do so and you may just get caught if you don't start moving fast enough. The arrows keys need to move the player right when you press them.

1 week ago

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