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Impasse is a short (15 to 30 minutes) 2D narrative-heavy game, similar to a visual novel, about introspection and identity.A dream keeps coming back, where the character is presented before 3 doors. The player can choose in which order the character will explore them, and discover what they mean to him.Game link: IMPASSE

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation

As everyone else said, the visuals are really interesting, and fit the theme.
For my part, I liked how the story was told, and the cycle aspect.
The puzzles are simple and that's not a bad thing, again it just fits. I thoroughly enjoyed the game!

If I had to be picky, some animations (the "holding luggage" one for instance) seem less polished than others (the tripping or walking on glass, without the shoes).

5 years ago

Thanks for playing, I'll keep that in mind!

5 years ago

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