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Cosmic Control

Cosmic Control is an exciting new flight control simulator set in space! Take command of a space station and safely bring the nearby space traffic safely into port. Be careful! There’s asteroids and space debris from your predecessor’s failures out there. Don’t let your ships crash into them. And don’t let your ships collide. Any collision will meet certain death for their crews. How long can you last? How many ships can you safely bring into port? Test your mettle with Cosmic Control.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LootKitStudios.CosmicControl

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Really cool concept. I liked the first 3 levels I played but I got a little stuck on level 4.

I couldn't seem to get the center piece to move. It was locked in place for some reason but I couldn't really understand why.

I think some sort of visual to explain why that piece can't be moved would help.

Great work! Enjoyed the game!

10 months ago

Cosmic Control