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Locked Bunker

Hoping to find wealth and treasures, you broke into an old bunker. You must have triggered something because you're now locked in with a clock ticking! Your friends are outside, trying to get you out with the help of a few old manuals they found lying around. Watch out! There might be a traitor among them. Communication is key to solve all puzzles for you to get out in time.TRY IT NOW!

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

The game's pretty cool, graphics are nice and the gameplay is straightforward.
You can feel there are tons of options and subtleties to discover!
However, it lacks a storyline and the map is somehow boring, not attractive enough.

2 months ago

Couldn't try it - missing the UnityPlayer.dll

2 months ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics

Very original, nice and easy to learn!
Only issue is that it isn't really computer friendly - I need to scroll up and down all the time to see the result and the symbols.

2 months ago

Unfortunately it sends to a "page not found" error message: https://gamejolt.com/games/heystackgamejoltio_/556920

2 months ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics

Nice and original. I played the first few levels, nice to see new devices and tricks each time, that keeps the momentum going.
It is pretty easy to understand how it works, no tutorial required.
It may lack a little story around it to be more than just a level-after-level kind of game, but fun anyway.
The only thing that could be improved a little is the design which is nice but could be improved.

2 months ago
Game Graphics Level Design

I discovered a weird bug. After the end of level one, I got teleported in a tiny room. I jumped and disappeared from the screen. I then moved right, fell, then fell "under" the screen. I moved left and could see a big soldier skeleton above me, looking like the level's boss. I guess I wasn't supposed to get out of the screen :)

2 months ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

It looks very original and interesting, yet.. I don't understand the goal. Some tutorial or basic "help" button could help solve that.

2 months ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Love the concept and the idea behind, working on general awareness, very smart!
However, there are some small bugs (like being killed before really touching an object - the hit boxes may be bigger than they should on some objects) and the big text bubbles are quite disturbing.
Quite fun overall!

2 months ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Pretty funny and refreshing!
Graphics are fun, the game plays easily and takes just a few sec to figure out.
The only problem is with the hitboxes around platforms that's not always optimal and the fact that the enemies are still dangerous even as they disappear.
Keep on!

2 months ago

Locked Bunker