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Asteroids Dexluxe in MonoGame

They don't have arcade as a genre. That is just sad.The controls are L/R arrow keys to rotate ship. Up arrow for thrust. LCtrl/Space to fire. RShift/RCtrl/Down arrow for shield. P to pause game and N to start new game.To enter high score, R/L arrow to select letter and RShift to advance to next letter.This is a remade version of Asteroids Deluxe from Atari. I've made some minor improvements to the game, but other than that it is duplicated with much love. I have loved this game since I was a kid in the 80s, since this game came out in 1980. I have also shared the source code, it was made in Visual Studio 2017 using MonoGame 3.6.X. I'm very proud of my code, as I've learned so much over the years. I made a simple vector based-PO library for the game, or some may call it a simple game engine. Feel free to use it however you like. Even the letters and numbers are made using it. You may also need the .NET 4.7 runtime, it can be downloaded here. You can see the project GitHub web page here.

Game Graphics Controls

The graphics are very nice. And the game looks to have positional. I'm a fan of top-down view with 3D graphics 2D games.

First thing I noticed, is the controls need work. After chasing the red arrow at the start of the game and killing one dude, the player started running to the right non-stop. NO way to stop him. Next implement fire and the rest of the controls for the gamepad. I can move using it, but nothing else. I know that is very easy to do in Unity 3D as I use that as well.
I'm going to follow this game and watch your progress.

5 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

I love this game, I sure hope it becomes real. The demo is great. I'm hooked. I don't know how the Kickstarter did not happen, so many bad games get kickstarted. Maybe it was timing.

5 years ago

That would be great. Also, have a look at why it would go to the left non-stop using the keyboard.

5 years ago

The original Asteroids has no tutorial, so if that is my weak point it is all good. Did I forget to list the controls, oops, sorry about that. I'll fix it in the description above. The original does not tell you that in the game either, but on the game cabinet.
Oh my, you found a bug! I'll have to check that out, thanks.

5 years ago

Ah, you started a new game while it was still waiting for the letters. Something I've not tried, thanks. I'll get that fixed. In the meantime, don't try to start a new game until you enter the letters and it goes back to the Game Over screen.

5 years ago

Alright, fixed the bug. Thank you again for finding that. Download the new zip for the new version.

5 years ago

Unnamed Top Down Shooter

Space Cats In Space!