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Portal Touch

Portal Touch is a logical physics puzzle where you can create portals and use different mechanics to get the star cube to the finish. Sounds easy? Well, give it a try and you'll see.   Try to complete individual levels as quickly as possible and with few as possible portals. Can your brain think logically enough to complete all the levels and earn all the stars?   Features: Realistic physics Cubes Portals Mechanics that change the behavior of the environment 20 levels with more to come Mechanics: Red bases that change the behavior of mechanics and the environment Projectiles that change the behavior of the environment Energy balls Object destroyers Bouncy walls Light bridges Soon to come: Lasers Excursion beams Gravity alteration and more Have fun and enjoy!

Mechanics Game Graphics

I like the idea. When you have nothing to do just play this game and train your brain. You could play a little bit more with the graphics add some animations and maybe some particle effects.

1 year ago

Portal Touch