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Random Number God

This is a card/strategy game where you defeat randomized robots by rolling dice, and use cards to alter the probabilities and effects of those rolls.   It's in a very early beta stage and pretty much only the main gameplay core is finished (battles, cards, deck building). This is more of a testbed where you can fool around with the battle system. I would appreciate some feedback on the core of the game before adding bells and whistles.   I would very much appreciate any feedback on this, since it is a very unusual and hard to analyze breed of game. Is it fun? Is it too easy or too hard? Are any of the cards too broken or too useless?   Anyway, thanks for your time and all that. Cheers.


A simple but well-executed concept. The controls are easy and intuitive, and it can get quite challenging as it progresses.
Maybe it could use an optional colorblind setting. Alternate game modes with slightly altered rules could also be an option to add replayability.

1 week ago

Thanks for trying it out!

Yes, an interactive tutorial is definitely in my list of priorities. The game is already weird enough as it is, and walls of text aren't exactly the best of teachers. Making the effects of the cards more visual would also help for sure.

Still, thanks for the feedback!

1 week ago

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