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H-Man Demo

You are a homeless man trapped in a sewer. Get out... If you can!This is a game made in a Game Jam back in April. I won the Jam with this and now I'm making it into a bigger release, so I was looking to get more input into what people like and don't like about it. And yes, the graphics aren't great, but I tried to challenge myself by only using the original Gameboy color-palette. Enjoy!

Physics Controls

So, I know it's a very simple game, but it would be nice if the square jumped right when you pressed the button and then went higher or lower depending on how long you press the button. That's all I have to say.

3 months ago

All i'm saying is to make the jump start the moment the key is pressed. Mario jumps like that. Mario also jumps higher depending on how long you hold the jump button. That's what I mean.

3 months ago
Animation Controls

So, I like the idea, but there needs to be better controls and the rotate point on all of the enemies needs to be at their center instead of wherever it is now. It seems to be in the gun of the player character. This means he rotates inconsistently and can get caught in walls very easily.

I like the enemies and the destructible environments, so that's a really nice touch. Same with the reload animation. Those are good, so as long as the controls are improved and given a little more variety in what you can shoot, I think this'll be a great game.

3 months ago

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