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House of Ignotus

What if you cant trust your senses? What will you do? A famous physicist, Professor Lagrange has mysteriously disappeared and was last seen in his mansion. Play as Johnny, his research assistant to investigate his disappearance in his mansion. This is House of Ignotus. House of Ignotus is a first person psychological horror game with some puzzle elements taking place in the 1970s. Disclaimer: This is a student made project over the course of 6 months. Our goal is to get as many feedback as possible in order to improve the game Feel free to head to our website to download the game at Platform: (windows) PC  

Controls Level Design

Design is pretty bad. No rules, goals or any objectives. Spookyness doesn't necessary come from the jump scares. Try looking up the "uncanny feeling" to give you a rough idea what makes a horror genre scary. In terms of the mechanics wise is pretty functioning thou is not great given how it doesn't feel interconnected with the other mechanics. It feels like a standalone mechanics. I would suggest to think of your player experience first then design your mechanics around it. Overrall focus more on your design and put more thought into it. It's going to be a long journey. Best of luck.

4 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Mechanics doesn't seem to complement each other. Each mechanic feels individual and because of that it becomes like a chore, i.e press enter on ironman, carry gamora etc. Theres no fun in it. Other than that, there isn't any challenge for us to accomplished that goal. The obstacles at first was alright but when it keeps resetting it becomes annoying. Think about why should us, player have to kill ironman or to carry gamora. It could be better if you think about what sort of game it is aka your core mechanic then just design the other mechanics around it ( Discovering genre helps out too). Now it seems its just plainly referencing from the movie. Put more effort into the design. best of luck

4 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

The game is fun. I know who I am and what my goals are, challenges is pretty straight forward. With just a little bit more polishing for the controls its gonna be a fun game. Thou I assume this is your prototype build so I wont be roasting so much in graphics.

However, since you know your player character, you can make your design graphics around it. You know the character is at home and wants to go to bed, the graphics for each level could be each section of the house, living room, bedroom etc.. The enemies need more explanation of course as I dont really know where they come from or who are there, but if the enemies are gems for example since the player its cleaning up the house then it makes more sense (just an example). Overall is a pretty fun game. just need more polishing.

4 years ago

The Morning After