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A tiles based puzzle game designed to make you think. Finish each level by joining tiles together to create the target number of complete tiles.Game Play VideoIMPORTANT: After downloading be sure to rename file from ZIP to APK to be able to install.225 levels across 9 stages with new challenges and features introduced in each stage. Timed levels give you a chance to master your skills against the clock and earn extra points.Get bonus points and awards when you complete each level within the target moves and speed goals.Earned points can be used in the shop to obtain Power-ups that can help you to complete each level if you get stuck. However, avoid using them otherwise you'll probably not achieve the end of level bonus and award.

Level Design Controls

The controls when moving the blocks can be sticky. Its frustrating as you're not always sure if the move isn't allowed or the block is just stuck.

I really like the concept and the UI is simple and clean though i feel you need some more incentives the encourage the users to keep playing.

2 months ago

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