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Racing Entropy

A fast paced puzzle game featuring cute flowers and power over the elements A game where you have to battle the elements, by using elements, in order to terraform the landscape in order to accomplish randomly selected goals, on a randomly generated map.Originally created for LD34, we are looking to finish this and add a list of new features now that the holiday season is over, but need more feedback to pick a good direction.

Physics Game Graphics

So, I absolutely love the concept/idea of the game, however it's still a bit buggy. There are a lot of times when I go to get info about a specific object and I can only read half the info as the rest is just "..." and there isn't any way to actually go through that and so I can only read half of the info screen.

My only other problem with the game is that it needs more levels... fantastic game!

7 years ago

Apparently I can't edit comments... I just saw up a little higher in the comments you mentioned that you already knew about the issue and it's hard to get around... So, different complaint.

I feel like if you're going to use ascii art and make a game about programming it needs to be more hardcore and so I shouldn't be able to just keep inputting hint() until I get the answer, You should make the player sweat, and have to consult the internet, to find that nobody has found a way around this level either... Then again that's, like, an opinion. Also, maybe only a good idea if you hate the players... In any case.

7 years ago