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A game based on the Stroop effect.To play the game, navigate to the "Download" dropdown menu and click "Play with Other Web".This will direct you to a Newgrounds page where you can play the game in your browser.

Game Graphics Controls

Neat graphics, but the gameplay doesn't really work well on mobile devices.

I type faster on the desktop keyboard for obvious reasons, whereas it's difficult for me with the touch keyboard on smartphones due to it's non-physical design.

Maybe try re-designing and releasing this on web-based game sites such as Newgrounds or Kongregate.

6 years ago

I use the gesture typing feature from the Google Keyboard app. Swiping to form words is so much faster than pressing individual keys on a small screen.

If you're using an iPhone then there's "Gboard" by Google, but I haven't used the app as I don't like apple products.

6 years ago

Yeah, I already know about the criticisms you claimed and I planned on redesigning the game, but I got busy with other stuff.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to implement a flat-shaded look, but I'll look around online and see what I can do.

The buttons idea sounds great, I'll add that in in the next update.

And the tutorial needs some work, I know. I'll try to put a small tutorial the first time the player joins the game, as I learned that most people seem to completely ignore the help menu.

6 years ago

Sure, I can add some simple animations. Seems fun to experiment with.

Thank you for your feedback.

6 years ago

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