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The Super Epic Quest

Hello I am the only and BEST Dev from HorribleGamesStudio.`The Super Epic Quest` is my first Game and its made with RPG MAKER  VX Ace lite. Yeah i know its one of these Games.However, you are the little Guy on the lower Right and your SUPER EPIC QUEST is to defeat the Castelguy (The Guy on the upper right side).And thats it THIS YOUR SUPER EPIC QUEST.Have Fun and pls Roast me

Mechanics Game Graphics

I must say it is a really nice idea. it a little bit like Miicraft Plus. but overall a great game. but i would Improve the Graphic a little bit. So that the Graphics look a bit smoother. (Sorry for bad English I am German)

7 months ago

Surviving Terra V0.1.6. Last free version before Steam alpha release.

The Super Epic Quest