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Project T

Project T (name TBD) is a stealth/action, 2D RPG.This is a 1st prototype, so need feedback on core mechanics/gameplay.Is sneaking/combat engaging, or boring? Controls: WASD - movement. LMB - melee attack/shoot. RMB - aim. Q - heal. C - crouch. CapsLock - walk/run.

Game Graphics Mechanics

Neon graphics are minimalist/nice.
When you run into the yellow walls, there's a large amt of visual clutter on the screen. It can block the player's view so they can't play the game. This is my biggest complaint.
Hitting yellow blocks doesn't always destroy them-sometimes they clog the field and mess you up later. This is inconsistent and needs to change; either they always immediately break, or they always stay. Otherwise it feels unpredictable in a bad way.
Hitting blocks also pushes the player around a bit, which is similarly unpredictable and frustrating.
On a related note the green blocks are never destroyed; this is consistent at least, but I don't like the feeling of wanting to move my cube and having the green block be blocking me. It feels frustrating.
I'm also not sure why the cube rotates on impacting with anything. It doesn't serve any gameplay purpose so I assume it's just how the Unity physics works-maybe lock it's rotation so it's always straight, or add a gameplay purpose to it.
The cube moves pretty fast but feels a bit sluggish to control, like it's kinda sliding on ice.
I'd suggest working on these problems/the core mechanics before doing anymore work on the upgrades, as the core gameplay is most important :)

7 months ago

If that was useful, pls give feedback on my project :)

7 months ago

Hey CWEDD2000!
My initial reaction was I was pretty overwhelmed. There's a lot going on, player isn't sure what to do, lots of visual clutter and much of visuals are unintuitive. Eg lots of enemies are flying around and there's little numbers (coordinates?) next to them, your ship is slowly sinking into the ground, there's a fair bit of tutorial text, big planet sprites take up a lot of screen space, nearby terrain is colored red for some reason, etc. Obviously in a full release you can do a tutorial for all this, but even in a prototype this needs to be better.
The camera is also a bit confusing at the start-it kinda squishes/contorts until it settles? It's a bit of visual flair but I found it a bit annoying.
Tutorial text currently hides behind terrain-needs to appear above it (or else you can't read it). Also can't just stay above player, as when player jumps, the text jumps too and it's unreadable.
Control scheme feels unintuitive-player holds W to dig downwards and SpaceBar to jump. Think it should be S to dig downwards and W to jump.
Player feels quite large compared to terrain, making it difficult to move/dig exactly where you want.

Hopefully that's useful, pls give feedback on my project :)

7 months ago

Hey CYBEREVOLVER_STUDIOS! Congrats on the full release.

Feedback on game as a full release:
Options menu needs work-changing master sound volume flashes the options menu really badly.
I disliked the screen fuzziness effect when you're on 1 HP. The game definetely needs something to visually indicate you're almost dead, but the fuzziness was a bit off putting for me.
I don't think there's much 'hooky'/unique about the game. It plays well-enough, but I tested it and felt no desire to keep playing after doing so.

Re core mechanics:
Not sure if I liked dash being in movement direction rather than mouse direction. IMO the player's eyes are where the mouse is as they're watching the enemy they're shooting, so it feels a bit weird to dash in another direction. But I dunno I think this is subjective, and I don't play many of these type of bullet hell-esque games so...what did other testers think?
I didn't realise for a while that player has limited magazine size/needs to reload because reload time was so small. Maybe consider making reload time bigger (so player actually forced to play around it) or removing it altogether, as is it's basically pointless. Personally I'd also prefer ammo to be on the bottom-right of screen not bottom-left; I could be wrong, it just feels closer to some FPS games like COD.
If player is moving around, shooting enemies, and presses R, there's no visual indication player is reloading except for in the bottom-left of the screen (the circle around the gun). This means if you're watching anywhere else (your character/enemies/etc) and you press R, it looks like nothing happens, which feels bad. For context, FPS games usually show a reloading animation so player knows they're reloading. If you don't want to do that, consider finding another solution.
Also weird that player has unlimited ammo in total ammo pool; like, that's ok mechanic-wise, but feels weird to display it. It's like displaying you have infinite jumping energy in a platformer-just feels pointless and adds visual clutter. If it's just the starter gun that has infinite ammo that's fine, otherwise it seems like a problem.

Hope that's useful, pls give feedback for my project :)

7 months ago

Hey GREYSETH, I downloaded the file from both Itch/Gamejolt, ran the installer. It installed but I couldn't find the actual .exe to play it. If you get it working, hit me up for feedback :)

7 months ago

Awesome, thanks ZbyszekKielbasa! Very useful feedback :)

7 months ago

Excellent, thank you for the feedback :)

7 months ago

Will do, thanks!

7 months ago

Sweet, thanks for the feedback :)

7 months ago

Thanks for that, feedback below :)

The camera controls on the Y axis felt very difficult to control until I inverted it in options menu. I'd prefer camera controls not to be inverted by default (as in, by default I want moving the mouse upwards to move the reticle upwards/the camera's 'position' downwards).I think this is more of a genre-standard for FPS games, so would be more intuitive.
The camera in general feels very cumbersome. Half of the screen-space is taken up by the player character so I can't see some things infront of me. If you move next to a wall the camera can get squished between the player/wall, so you can't see anything. If you don't want to do a conventional FPS camera, I'd suggest copying how other 3rd-person shooters do their camera; I assume the camera doesn't change elevation when player moves the mouse, it can pass through walls to prevent being stuck on it, etc.
The UI is a little funky ATM: 1. The healthbar/etc appear a bit high on the screen for me (1680x1050 resolution), not in the screen's corners. And 2. The game's text can be seen through walls (which looks pretty confusing). I guess this isn't the biggest deal right now, as you can polish the UI after core mechanics are done :).
The gunplay felt very loose. I get that you're going for a goofy-feeling, ragdolly type of control set, but when I tried to shoot targets while strafing, the gun would be pointing another way so I couldn't hit them. It felt kinda frustrating/unreliable.
I feel like the shotgun needs more kick...I watched it closely and it does recoil after you fire, but overall it still feels very loose/unimpactful. I think it's partly problematic because the gun/your arm kinda just float around, so the gunplay inherently feels loose.
The movement controls feel a bit off to me...you hold down WASD and there's a split-second pause before your character starts moving at full speed. I wonder if it'd feel better if instead of having the player move immediately, they need accelerate to full speed/decelerate to standing still. If you do this well, possible player feels like their movement has some weight/inertia, which could feel better, and make the game feel more crazy-physicsy.
Player movement also felt a bit slow. On a separate note, would a sprint mechanic or something similar be appropriate in this game?
The enemy in the first room flies around so fast/chaotically he's almost impossible to kill, especially due to the player's slow move speed, the enemy wildly knocking the player around, and the aforementioned sluggish camera controls/gunplay. I never killed him, he flew at me until he assumedly glitched out of the room and I continued on.
Need to be able to manually reload instead of firing until gun out of bullets. Also needs to have some sort of visual indication you're reloading, whether that be an animation or something.
Jumping around the air vents felt unsatisfying...I think the slow movement speed/sluggish camera contributes towards this. It didn't feel like a fast-paced/crazy physics/platformery style thing, which is what I assume you wanted. Also dislike how jumping on the vents forces the camera to look upwards at the ceiling; makes it a bit difficult to look at where I'm going.
There was a moment I jumped around the vents, hit slow-motion, and fired at a target. That felt cool. I think you should focus more on letting the core mechanics let the player do wacky/goofy acrobatics, while still being able to shoot on target. Things like faster move speed and more acrobatic mechanics (eg to dive/roll) could help with this.

Hope that's useful, pls give feedback on my project thx :)

7 months ago

Thanks GREYSETH! Re the AI, I started with GameMakersToolkit's series of stealth games (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay-5g36oFfc&list=PLc38fcMFcV_s8CEnf_j1ZOu-UCTEXRAfl) and went from there, cheers

7 months ago

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