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Squash Pipes

Endless arcade game, where you have to move forward avoiding getting hit by pipes.Google Play: https://goo.gl/354EPc

Mechanics UI Graphics

That was very addictive and fun to play! I would suggest making interactive tutorials instead of animated windows, but that's just how I feel, windows are actually good too.

11 months ago

Thank you for feedback! The controls were made for touch screens, that's why it feels odd when played with a mouse. We just decided to put an exe here so people can try it out without installing the apk.

11 months ago

Thanks! We will take some time to think about the UI improvements.

By the way, the game is released! There're many more features, compared to the old version uploaded here.
Google Play link: https://t.co/JoBm1PKENc

11 months ago

Thank you! We've made the Windows version just so people can try it out faster, so it's not that optimized.
The Android version was released a couple of days ago on Google Play, here's the link if you'd like to play it: https://t.co/JoBm1PKENc

11 months ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it! We've been thinking about adding power ups in future updates, so we might add them in future.

11 months ago
Mechanics Controls

That's a nice little game! One thing I noticed is that when there's a bomb on the second island, I get hungry and lose while waiting for the 3rd island to appear (or am I missing something?). And also, it's a bit annoying that you have to click 3 times to play again. I think, it would be move convenient if you could find a way to shorten it to just one click. Overall, it's fun to play.

11 months ago

Thank you for your feedback! We will consider your thoughts on the graphics for our future games.

Glad that you and your kids like the game! If you could, please rate us on the Play Store, it really helps us :)

11 months ago

Thanks for reviewing the game. We agree with you about the graphics, but sadly we don't have other ideas for it, so we will have to keep the current theme until a new idea arises.
By the way, we would be very glad if you could leave a comment on the Play Market :)

10 months ago

Thank you!

10 months ago


10 months ago

Thank you!:)

10 months ago

Thanks! We will try to make the game look more distinct.

10 months ago

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