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Thank you! Stay tuned for the next update!

1 week ago

Thank you very much! I would like to now what exactlie you disliked off the controls and how you think I can improve them?

1 week ago

I am glad you are liking the game, I have some quastion about your game experience. 1.Had you try the Tutorial or did you find the controls in general confusing?
2.Would you like to see more weapon types like the Disk Thrower or do you think the game needs more destruktible obstickles and enemys?

1 week ago

Thank you very much exactlie thats the feedback I am looking for. I have some quastions about the game experience. 1.Did the controls feel to unresponsive or to fast, do you think an sensetivity slider would help or is some thing complitlie different the problem? 2. Do you find the UI to complicated, do you think a cleaner Font type would improve it? 3. On what a resolution did you play the game?

1 week ago

Agen Thank you very much for your feedback and stay tuned for the next update!

1 week ago
Animation Level Design

Great Character model and Man love that foot animation how they react on the different grounds! Off coarse the UI looks good the sound design also great the only two things that need a bit of work is the level and maybe add some shaders to improve the shaders! But over all great work! And maybe add a gameplay video or trailer on the site.

1 week ago

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