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Ruin A Game

Ruin A Game is an Endless Runner in a futuristic style where you have to complete challenges to unlock new Skills and objects. It will future a story about crazy developers, greedy publishers and the best way to ruin a game! The project is currently heavy in development! Check out the latest alpha version. After your tried it give as some feedback what you liked and disliked so we can continually improve and deliver a better experience! Minimum system requirements:4 gb ram, Nvidia gt 710, Intel I3 dual core Recommended system requirements:8gb ram,Amd RX 570 or Nvidia GTX 1060, Intel I5 6600 Check also the Devlog for updates and new futures!https://hectagon.itch.io/

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Over all I really like the graphics and the soundtrack I personaly found that the learning curve is a bit to hard!

1 month ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve

Really good job like the Tutorial and the prograsion system, the soundtrack and sound design is simple but effective. Have to say that I dont really can tell any thing negative!

1 month ago

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