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Tutorial/Learning Curve Tutorial/Learning Curve

It looks great and the intro comic is really nice. I didn't get the gameplay though.
I've played a lot of and I'm a fan of rhythm games but I couldn't get the hang of the controls. At first I thought I should wait for the bar to reach the instructor to swipe, then I realised it is more of a reaction gauge and I should swipe as quickly as possible (I think), but even when it looks like I am doing it correctly I am being marked down and lose. I also didn't like that I wasn't given any real feedback as to how close I was to losing.

My suggestion:
- For at the very least the tutorial level have on screen arrows pointing to the direction you should swipe. It took me a few game to work out squatting and standing. You could have these for the start of the game then fade them out gradually. You could even offer them later on as a power up!
- Please make sure that the results are correct. I played it quite a few times - certainly far more than I would have if I found the game in the wild. My last few games I was paying close attention and I'm 90% sure that I was being called an idiot then losing when I was swiping in the correct direction.
- Some kind of feedback/lives gauge as to how close you are to losing would be great.
- Better music. It's a music game and I found the music fairly uninspiring. Maybe you like it and tastes differ so this could just be me.

7 years ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

The graphics are very good, though they could use some proper animation in game if possible.
The mechanics are fine - well established and reasonably smooth, though I would love a more obvious power meter as I found it difficult to judge the power from the bear's crouch.

I thought the major, killing problem with this app is the pacing (I put tutorial/learning curve because I wasn't sure what to put). It's difficult and clearly supposed to be difficult, so whenever you die you should be able to restart again as quickly as possible. Having to view the game's logo scrolling down + ui animations every time I died was painful and the first time you tried to show me a video ad I just closed the app and uninstalled it. I should note I was being charitable due to coming to it via this site. It should be die, BAM! Start again immediately.

I didn't get to experience any of the power ups, because the furthest I got was, I think 14/15 pillars so I didn't find any. You might be thinking 'hah you obviously suck at this game', but I bet I did better than most people would on first coming to the game. If the pacing was better I might have stuck it out, but it was not to be.

7 years ago

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