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Cornered is a recreation to the atmosphere and mechanics of ‘Survival Shooter.’ As the player, you must open the gate to the end of each maze by collecting mysterious pills. The way ahead features many enemies, and perhaps even a potential ally. Remember, only touch the hedge statue when you think you’re ready. You’ll know it when you see it. The original game already featured elements that incorporated nightmarish elements; the aim was to expand on the theme by trapping the player. We are two first year University students, and this is one of our first game creations as part of a project – feedback is more than welcome. The game is not intended to be a showcase as the game is far from perfect, but is upload is more a means for us to develop through constructive comments. Can you wake from the nightmare?  Known issues: -          Light clips through the walls -          Can shoot enemies through gatesOriginal Game:!/content/40756  Teddy Prefab:!/content/39976 All tracks from Feedback and various tips are welcome, as we are students that are seeking to improve. This a first upload too, so please tell us if the link isn't working and we'll jump right on that! By Lauren Temos, and Aaron Hinds

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You're game looks awesome in the trailer but when I download it, it says I need a data folder? I can't open it and I feel like this is a me issue and not a you error. I'd like to play to give you a more constructive review!

3 years ago

Survival Spacer (WIP)