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Games - (Web) Multiplayer Combat Racing

Wreck other players and climb the ranking to dominate the leaderboard and reign terror among those below you in this multiplayer combat racing game! Note: Bots will be active to stabilize the player count at 15 at all times

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Tested the game on Web. I was rather confused on how to capture the satellites, so it would be good if you have more in-depth instructions for newcomers. Other than that, the controls were quite fantastic and the game really looks good (explosions are sweet). The only thing I might say the game is lacking is competitiveness. I understand it's a team game but maybe have two teams compete against each other and the fastest team wins or something like that. It's a little bit too slow paced and because of that, I found myself slightly bored after a while. I would say that is probably the biggest problem. Keep working on it, it's a pretty sweet concept!

11 months ago

I don't seem to be noticing any lag (unless you played yesterday before my update), however, your other points were very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to give this feedback!

11 months ago
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