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Games - (Web) Multiplayer Combat Racing

Wreck other players and climb the ranking to dominate the leaderboard and reign terror among those below you in this multiplayer combat racing game! Note: Bots will be active to stabilize the player count at 15 at all times

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Tested the game on Web. I was rather confused on how to capture the satellites, so it would be good if you have more in-depth instructions for newcomers. Other than that, the controls were quite fantastic and the game really looks good (explosions are sweet). The only thing I might say the game is lacking is competitiveness. I understand it's a team game but maybe have two teams compete against each other and the fastest team wins or something like that. It's a little bit too slow paced and because of that, I found myself slightly bored after a while. I would say that is probably the biggest problem. Keep working on it, it's a pretty sweet concept!

3 years ago

I don't seem to be noticing any lag (unless you played yesterday before my update), however, your other points were very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to give this feedback!

3 years ago
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