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Chibisu's Costume Combat (pre-alpha prototype)

BFIG 2018 Showcase Game!BFIG 2018 Multiplayer Award Game!BFIG 2019 Showcase Game!BFIG 2019 Multiplayer Award Game!**IMPORTANT** Game is still very early prototype while it's polished for Xbox One and Steam. Game is local multiplayer only at the moment and requires at least two people to play. Xbox 360/One Controllers will allow up to 4 players but using only Keyboard without Xbox controllers only allows 2 players to play. Menus can be navigated without the use of the mouse with both controllers and keyboard **Intro** Chibisu's Costume Combat (C3) is a cute 2D Top-Down costume multiplayer Battle Game!  **Story** You play as Chibisu a tailor's kid who just wants to explore the world in all the clothes and costumes their family makes to help them decide pick their career path. All is not well though. Everyone is supposed to remain in the career they're born into (Chibisu's career being a tailor) so many of the other inhabitants aren't happy and some are even hostile so be careful.  **Current Multiplayer Modes** Classic Death Match - Defeat the most players or be the first to reach the kill goal to win. Tag - Damage your opponents to tag them and use your abilities to avoid being tagged. Choose Between "Last It" (whoever is it at the end loses) and "Least It" (whoever has the least time it wins) (New) King of the Ring - Find and stay in the moving ring. You only get points when you're alone in the ring so keep your opponents out.  First to get to the score goal or who ever has the most points wins. (New) Target Tussle - destroy moving targets to gain points. player with the most points at the end of the match win!   Social Twitter Facebook Discord  

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics

While the tutorial feels short and sweet the controls and graphics make the game feel slow even when getting far into the game.
I'd recommend making the controls and mechanics more unique or adding some twist. It can feel repetitive too which is hard to fix to a runner but maybe adding new things to avoid or go through like hoops that increase speed and points but it can hurt you if you bump into them. It never hurts to mix it up.

2 years ago

Cute Cube Jump!