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Terranion: Arise from Mythos

A 4x turn based strategy game with a fantasy flavor, still in development. Runs in the browser. Pick a real world human nation or a mythical fantasy race and fight for dominion over Earth, each race having its own technology tree from Antiquity up to Industrial Age.Play at

Physics Mechanics

I found the fuel resource to be crucial, and the ammo to be the least important of the resources. I've only used ammo when I was out of fuel, to bounce of an asteroid in a direction and hoped for getting more fuel. So after I was out of fuel, the game started to feel quite random as I had little control over where I am going (I could only bounce by shooting the rocks) and what resources will I find. Maybe the bounce could be a bit slower, now it is very fast and I don't have time to react/do anything until I get hold on more fuel

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Thank you, Ayush :)

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