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Crisis of the Middle Ages

A humorous retro RPG game available now on Android, Android TV, iOS, Mac and PC.  This game can best be described as Office Space/Dilbert meets RPG.  Ever wonder if you if you could be doing something more fulfilling with your life?   The four main protagonists wonder the same thing.  The entire world's population struggles to find their purpose in life.  Even the evil creatures express frustration in their career paths and have been known to complain or even walk out mid battle.  This results in some very  hilarious  battles.  Ultimately, this game explores the challenges of living the life we want to live versus the life that we feel obligated to live.

Physics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I think shifting the concept a bit could really change the overall purpose and spirit of the game. Perhaps change the game to make the purpose - "save the people from the hurricane" . An emergency Management game where you prep and then evacuate your coastline populations when there is a hurricane would be a lot of fun and I bet more acceptable to

9 months ago

Crisis of the Middle Ages