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Hunt 'n Sneak

The multiplayer demo is here, download now!   Gather your friends and prepare to scream! Whether you are hunting or sneaking, you will soon be sitting desperately on the edge of your seat, in this manic game of hide and seek.   Sneak through the caves, and scream in the mansion, as you either escape the clutches of the ravenous Hunter or chase down those pesky Hiders.   As the Hider you will soon realize light is both friend and foe. While it reveals your location, helping you navigate the mysterious worlds of Hunt ‘n Sneak, it will also reveal you to everyone else! So you’d better use it wisely!   When playing as the Hunter, you will be feared by all your friends, nothing is more terrifying than a giant space lobster hunting you down! But be mindful of the time, or soon you’ll be the one running for your life!   So what are you waiting for, grab some friends and let the laughter commence!   A quick note on development: Welcome to the first public demo of Hunt ‘n Sneak, and thank you for checking us out!   If you enjoy the game and would like to support us, we invite you to join our Discord server ( We are building a community so that we can openly discuss suggestions for the game; whether that means new ideas, reporting bugs, or to just talk about games in general.   We have recently released the multiplayer beta! If you have enjoyed the game we would like it if you would post some feedback about the game, you can find a feedback form on our website homepage at the bottom (   Regards, Pixel Engineers Team

Animation Mechanics

I enjoyed the players animations, although basic they worked well. Just a shame the other characters did not have more animation. I also liked the basic AI of the enemies, with more work they could be really cool.

It's very hard to make an interesting platformer as they have all been done before. If you can create some awesome mechanics which are fairly unique then players will have a lot more fun with the game. EG: fun ways to kill enemies

I understand it's a prototype and not a full game but it's annoying to get to the last bit and just be a huge flat area, should have just ended the game when the last enemy died, or add a boss and end it after that.

Good luck with development!

6 years ago

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