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The Healers of Kindred

You play as KindredVegas, a streamer who wakes up in a game. Thinking he is just streaming. He plays the game.

Mechanics Controls

"By using this software, you agree that you are an amazing person. :)"

Nice touch, How did you get the installer?

Now onto what I think should be fixed:
custom window size, not full or not.
a way to speed up text in the beginning
I would prefer a grid system for moving because its hard for me to get around things
Custom controls
more intensive to use all 3 slots, i used only 1 because I forgot the other 2 existed
I liked the questions between lvl 1 and 2

I played level one so far, definitely going to continue playing, this game is awesome
are there different endings? I closed the document on the computer and I scare easily...

I died after the very long put all the right blocks in the beginning.
Im mad

3 years ago

I am working on a better story, probably going to remake the game in RPG Maker MV so i can have more maps and stuff.

Encounter rate will be lower
KindredVegas likes pandas

3 years ago

the strange person will be better when I rebuild the game

3 years ago

Oh, I was scared that when I deleted the file something bad was going to happen, I suppose it will in the final game.
I will go for all of the endings when you finish it.

This is an amazing game

3 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

The concept is awesome. The only problem I have is that there is no tutorial. Also, restart button.

Other than that, its a great game.

3 years ago

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