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It All Adds Up

Join Calcu-Larry as he scrambles to collect positive and negative numbers to keep the number at the top of the screen between 0 and 50.   It All Adds Up is a brand new game with original gameplay that will challenge your mind and your reaction time as you frantically move Calcu-Larry back and forth to collect just the right numbers to keep your total between 0 and 50.  It All Ads Up features:   * Original Gameplay Like You've Never Played Before *Fast-Paced Challenge As You Frantically Try To Keep Calcu-Larry Alive  *How Long Can You Last- High Score Is Tracked *Fun For All Ages And  A Challenge For All   Download It ALL Adds Up Today!

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Game plays well. A bit challenging right off the bat. The crates in the green goo are hard to see.

Over all, I like it.

2 years ago

Thank you very much.

1 year ago

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