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Dragon Ball Super Mugen (by Maxi Mugen, Edited by me)

Here It is, The first, if its not (I appologize), The Dragon Ball Super Mugen GameFeaturing stylish revamped JUS (Jump Ultimate Stars) Graphics and High Octane Action, its the one!!!Featuring Over 30 Characters like Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Beerus and Many More Characters Coming Soon.....With Easy to Learn Controls -A - PunchB - Kick C - Ki BlastS/ Start - ChargeAnd Arrow KeysAnd One Button Supers...With Mostly X and YYou'll definitely feel the heat outside your screen!!!What are You Waiting For ?Download Today.Special ThanksMythos Mugen - For CharsMaxi Mugen - For Screenpacks

Mechanics Animation

i found a little less fluent but its great
u can also add a no blood mode plz

11 months ago

Thanks more coming next month

11 months ago


11 months ago

I want someone to try it out on pc

11 months ago

Sorry guys the link to download was down. But now it's fixed
Go Ahead and download it

11 months ago

Dragon Ball Super Mugen (by Maxi Mugen, Edited by me)