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Room To Grow

Room To Grow started out as a competition between my friend and I, but escalated into a simple interesting puzzleish game.  You start out extremely zoomed in and on level 1, with 0 points and 300 health. Your goal is to get the required score for the level and move on, but along the way you will need to attempt to collect zoomer orbs; purple orbs that zoom out the camera slightly.  Currently I update the game ever 2~3 days, and with each updates usually comes a new level.    


Thank you for the feed back! I do plan on adding a tutorial level soon, I just want to get the game playable and working before I do so as I am adding new features a lot, and I would constantly be updating the tutorial. Also, a UI polish update is planned after I get a few more features done, so the health bar will definitely be looked at, along with a radar type feature or something of the sort that shows where enemies are. Aiming the fireball is also a placeholder, as are the graphics like you said. I am going to be creating new levels soon as well, I just wanted something to get the basic features out on. Once again, thank you!

6 years ago

Thank you both for responding! I have recently recovered from being quite sick, so development will actually start to pick back up. I agree that there needs to be more indication that there is an enemy near, and I am working on that currently. Also, I am working on uploading it for mac, and next update there will be a mac version.

6 years ago

If your character and enemies are moving at extremely fast speeds, then put graphics to fantastic or high, and it will fix itself. I have no idea why it does this but it does.

6 years ago

Room To Grow