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The Christmas List

It's Christmas Eve and Stan has discovered that he has to put Christmas together for his family in just one day. Explore the town of Hereward to track down their ideal gifts, find the perfect tree and a meal fit for the big day.Every shop and resident is governed by the in-game clock so you'll have to manage your time effectively if you're going to make it to the toy shop before closing time or meet that guy selling trees from the back of a van before he goes home for the day.Lots of the puzzles and tasks will reward people who are clued-up on their Christmas pop-culture. We've also thrown in random events that will only occur if you're in the right place at the right time to reward multiple play-throughsWe've tried to offer multiple solutions to every puzzle and players are scored on the success of their Christmas based on lots of different factors.The demo features the tutorial quest where Stan takes his kids to meet Santa and things don't quite go to plan...

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Honestly really struggled to find anything to suggest working on. It's probably a bit hardcore for my abilities, but the feel of the jumping and momentum is very satisfying and speed of re-spawn is spot on to give it that one-more-go quality. As luciddreamparty mentioned, it might help to point out the main controls but otherwise I didn't struggle to pick anything up.

I loved the cryptic way the sign-posts hinted at what you had to do rather than telling you outright and the puzzle-solving elements with the green cream were a lot of fun. I got stuck in the Garden level as I'm still rubbish at timing my double-jumps but will be coming back to it again when I have some spare time.

Definitely on to a winner here I feel!

4 years ago

Hi deadfire55. Any chance you can update the title image of our game to the following


Something seems to have gone wrong with the transparency on the .png file we uploaded earlier even though it looked fine in the preview.

4 years ago

Thanks for sorting it so quickly :-)

4 years ago

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