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Urge Demo

Your main goal in this game is to survive in a haunted house for as long as possible, but it is not that easy, because you are also haunted by your "urge" also called urinating. Which you need to satisfy every cycle of time in higher floor toilet. Fortunately, you are equipped with one double barrel shotgun and you will get supplies for it in cycles delivery. This supply is dropped in lower floor on the boxes close to the main door. Controls Movement - WSAD or arrow keys Shooting - left mouse button Urinating - by aiming middle screen at the toilet Reloading - R Pick up - E Exit - escape   In game On down left corner of the screen you can see the urine bar, which is filling continuously, you can decrease this bar by urinating obviously. On the top of the screen you can see a number, which represents current score, right under this number, there is displayed your highest score. On down right corner you can see your current ammo.   All the controls can be changed on startup.

Physics Game Graphics

Try creating more advanced levels, also please try adding better sounds.

1 year ago

Urge Demo