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Captain We Have a Problem

Captain, you have a mission! This is a matter of life and death! You and your crew is the only hope for the distant Colony. You need to travel through the darkest corners of the universe to deliver an important cargo to colonists. The fate of the Colony is fully in your hands! The path will be difficult. You will have to make decisions and choices, and everything will have a consequences. Your decisions can even put you on a verge of death, but death is not the end!“A lot of choices, a lot of deaths, a lot of PROBLEMS!”“Captain We Have a Problem!”- Is a science fiction game full of irony, humor and Easter eggs. Undiscovered planets, space pirates, intelligent cactuses, aggressive machines, old Artificial Intelligent, ancient Warp Gods, cosmic vampires and more! 100+ different events are waiting for you in this game.

Game Graphics

I think that the game graphics looks good.

1 year ago

Thank you :) already working on sound :)

1 year ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I think the art style is very good!

1 year ago

Eternal Return: Black Survival [Alpha}