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Family Age

Building a family hearth has never been so exciting! If you are tired of building stone acres, in other town games, then you are really waiting for new adventures and emotions. Help this little buddies to find their tribe and experience the earliest era of human married life in a brand new game Family Age! Game is available on iOS and Google Play! Be ready to: expand territory and build your village; growing plants, smash rocks, and harvest crops; discover new technologies to make your farming more pumped; upgrade your farmhouse and other farmville buildings; produce goods as stone axes, leathers, pottery, clothes and other helpful stuff; learn the ancient way of cooking - plenty of different dishes require various ingredients; protect your family and watch your hearth in a brand new farm game.

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Awesome art style! Would be great to see some storyline, dialogs! Good work.

1 year ago

Family Age