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Billion Beat

Behold, Billion Beat! It's a brutal boxing bonanza. Beat the bicuspids off a bevy of bizarre baddies. Be a badass and bet on yer brawn to bag a billion bucks! Booyah, baby!Billion Beat is a deep and challenging skill-based boxing action game. Master a deep and nuanced combat engine that rewards skilled timing and careful attack selection. Fight through a gauntlet of a dozen meticulously crafted boss fights with multiple forms. Utilize advanced Hyper techniques to humiliate your opponent and make the crowd go apeshit. Upgrade your fists, seek advice from your Mascoach, and buy and use Dranx to make fights more manageable. Master an extensive moveset to fight your way to the top. Execute techniques with perfect timing to unleash powered-up attacks. Strategically build up and expend Energy to use Strong Punches and Rapid Flurries. Enjoy a deeply satisfying combat engine with full damage modeling. Beat the enemy's glasses off, knock out their teeth, and give 'em a black eye.   Hype up the crowd by landing tricky-to-use attacks that demonstrate your skill. Learn to use the Hyper version of each attack, which is less effective yet more rewarding. Roll with the punches and beat Hyper Missions. Bet on your own skill. Ante up before each match and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of defeat. Gain experience, hit the Lawker Room, and level up each fist individually.Customize your fighting style by filling out a branching tech tree. Buy, equip, and sip on Dranx to restore health in the middle of a match.

Game Graphics UI Graphics

You missed the "s" in "visuals" in the trailer.

1 year ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

This looks like a solid puzzle game, but it would benefit from more personality. Even putting basic smiley/sad/angry faces on the cube would go a long way.

1 year ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

This looks like it has good, manic, skill-based gameplay.

The in-game graphics don't look great. I believe changing the BG from mostly gray to actual colors would improve them quite a bit.

The sprite split-up explosion effect is honestly the worst thing about your game. Games like this need to have satisfying explosions, and this effect just doesn't cut it. Even a really basic particle effect that resembles an explosion would be way better. Check out games made by Treasure to see what explosions should look like: Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes, and Gradius V come to mind.

1 year ago

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