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[PC, Closed Beta] "Beholder 2"

Orwellian Dystopia "Beholder 2". In Beholder 2 we offer you a job at the Ministry of the State, with an opportunity of becoming a Prime Minister!Everyone can participate in the beta test by subscribing at our website. Once you confirm your email, you will be sent a link to the beta version. We would love to hear your feedback (both positive and negative) because we want to make the full version better!  So, if you complete a survey (there is a link to a survey in the game) that will be extremely helpful! Platform - PCOS - WindowsLanguages supported - EN/CN/RU

I am NOT a Monster

"I am NOT a Monster" – is a turn-based tactical multiplayer in a retro sci-fi setting with randomly assigned roles and Mafia/Werewolf party game features.   We invite you to try the beta version and would love to hear your feedback through a survey that you will find in the game.What is this game about?   And what are the “Mafia/Werewolf features”?   You and your friends (up to 6 people in a team) are saving spaceship passengers from Monsters, BUT:   • Monsters take human form and look just like ordinary people   • Monsters are among those 6 heroes who are saving the passengers   • Since the roles in the game are assigned randomly, even you can be a Monster   So, if you happen to be a Hero:   • do your best to find and rescue the passengers   • reveal Monsters among players and eliminate them   If you happen to be a Monster:   • infect others, and they will turn into Monsters as well or just kill the passengers   • act as if you are a human and don't get exposed

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a spying sim where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras and collect the information on the people that you are observing.  Yes, “monkeys” are “people”, and you shouldn’t “feed them” (which means any type of interactions), because anything could happen if you do so. The closed beta is on for Windows and Mac, you can sign up on the official website of the game and get access to the beta version right after you confirm your email address. The full version comes to Steam in Q4 2018. But you can wishlist it right now.

Level Design Mechanics

Game will be more interesting if you're guys add some different types of weapons/skills/enemies. Game (atm) is too easy but nice to play at all. Wish you a luck with further development

2 years ago

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