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Panthea (demo)

The game cannot bet put on this site because it is too big...check the ling to the website "itch.io" on the right to download it =)Phantea, a world ruled by 5 pantheons of Deities, each one coexisting in peace and harmony, until a sixth pantheon decides to atack causing an unprecedented catastrophe...now it's up to the last remaining humans to save the world and restore balance to the universe...Game features: - Open world exploration (After the 3rd dungeon the world opens up completely). - No level ups and no experience, develop your character by exploring, optional areas, extra enemies, everything can lead to extra skills, stats and equipement. - No random encounters, enemies have overworld sprites and different behaviors. All of them can be dogged if you want. - A simple crafting system with over 100 weapons armors and items... - Develop your town by finding new survivors, each unlocking new features for your town, like a fast travel system, shops and more... - Explore the world to find new skills (Over 50 skills currently implemented with many more coming). - Fast paced ATB battles with many custom animations for skills and small numbers of damage for more balanced and controlled fights.


The music is really good and the controls and physics are cool too...but some of the levels seems a little nonsensical...some obstacles aren't even on the way...also the right most platforms don't always connects to the exit, so sometimes I would fall instead of completing the level...

But I can see you turning this on a game with levels and stuff if you structure it a little better...I've got to level 50 before leaving, but it was fun while I've played it =)

1 year ago

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