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Particles is Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter game with abstract visuals and surreal concepts    There are no people or other real objects in the game. Whole game is set in abstract environment where you shoot abstract gas-like looking spheres called Particles.   So called " Gravity jump" allow players to teleport and change the gravity for the player, this ability combined with fast paced gameplay results in very interesting and unusual experience one would not expect from online first person shooter

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really nice game you have there ! I loved the graphics and the environment and the light it all seem to go ver well together.

I love the music its very relaxing.
I also like the gliding feature i thik it nicely helps gameplay to be more fun.

What I didn't like the controls seemed bit delayed from the start but then i got used to it and it wasnt too bad.

And what I think is really off is the font of the UI. Its super hard to read and it doesn't really fit the style of the game.

But otherwise very nice relaxing game. Maybe some more story to it so its more interesting and you have a great game done ;)


1 year ago

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