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Soul Tech: Millennium

Inspired by the likes of Armored Core, MechWarrior, and more - Soul Tech: Millennium is a fast-paced action packed, story-driven, (none-turn base) 3D MECHA

Level Design Game Graphics

Loved it. Simple, addictive, straight to the play!
The only thing I did not like was that there was too many ads and i only say that because why do ads play for opening the settings menu... twice did a 30sec non-skippable ad play for opening the leader board DURUNG gameplay, not after/a retry. And also the settings option.

The other thing was the level felt "too" sinple and repetitive, maybe its just becausr i didnt get very far (like 500, idk how anyone made it to 4000+ omg xd lol)

Good game! 4/5

1 year ago

Taxi Driving in Rush City