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Prototype of my first game Enjoy  Please give me feedback and ideas on what I should addI 'm thinking of adding a story so I need ideas pleaseI make games for fun :3Have a great dayShould i go for a "Save and Load" OR "Level Select"       SystemWhat do you think the story should be:)CONTROLS;R = restart gameUp = ClimbSpace = Jump


Website A game to test your reactions and patience with both ONLINE and OFFLINE modes See if you can winSuggestions or feedback will be immensely appreciated NOW WITH MOBILE SUPPORTCONTROLLER SUPPORT COMING SOONMake sure you share to make someone else happy :)  

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  I made a Snake cloneBROWSER VERSION MAY NOT WORK This is the first game I have ever made in Love2D The game lacks polish because I was struggling while implementing some features so I ran out of time It's better if you download it or play if fullscreen Leave feedback or suggestions about the game     ENJOY     I may continue work on it and make it better

Level Design

Nice game
You have bright future
Drinding works so keep doing it


1 year ago

It keeps showing an error

Please give me a way to fix it

1 year ago

Thank You

Respawn is R

1 year ago

Thank You
Music I available in ""Options""

1 year ago

Dolack-The Bean

Retro 9