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The Towerer

Dear Towerer, your task will be to clear a tower full of enemies that look like geometric shapes.   Survive in the test chambers and you may be rewarded for your work after you get to the top of the tower.   Each step will cause you even more pain... but we believe you can do it and take on the challenge, else you will be... DEAD.   And remember... don't miss... even though the ammunition is unlimited, try not to die.   Good luck and keep your head up, don't look down, because... why would you?   Features:   Rogue-like, permanent death/randomly picked levels from the pool created by us. We recommend playing multiple times. Random bosses. Ability to dash, good for avoiding traps, bullets and also enemies themselves. Polished, well-designed linear experience. Change system for weapons (pick from two, dispose last one) after each level up. Items which give your character specific buffs and debuffs. Different enemies, with different AI behaviours.  

Mechanics UI Graphics

The mechanics and gameplay are very cool, but we didn't like User Interface graphics (maybe change fonts, go with more modern design).

2 years ago

Hey, Hobmo.
Thanks a lot for your feedback!

The options menu is definitely on our list to fix. Screen fuzziness is related to the game's story itself (we don't want to spoil anything).
Did you get to the ending?

Yes, the option to dash towards the mouse position is in our list and will appear in the next update with the ability to change in the Options menu.
As for the reload time, we need to think about it. The UI position and the scale will probably be another option in the Options soon.

The reload animation may indeed be important, but you also have the sound of reloading.

We decided to keep unlimited ammo mark because some players would not know what's going on with it and that would create questions like: "Is ammo infinite?".

Thanks again for your feedback,

2 years ago

Hey, ZbyszekKielbasa!
What do you mean by health upgrade? Do you mean passive item from "Choose an item" menu or perhaps collectable item?
Yeah, we need to work more on "higher level" guns, this is on our to-do list right now.
Passive items are more feelable in the second and last chapter (for example, the Vampire Module sometimes can save your life).

We really encourage you to join our Discord server where we can instantly chat with you about the game:

Thank you for your feedback,

2 years ago

Hi, xHandre!
Thanks a lot for playing the game.

The game has indeed a little lore behind it, but you need to get to the ending.
Without any spoilers... we only assure you that it is really worth to get to the game's ending and see this for yourself ;)

Thanks again,

2 years ago

The Towerer