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Frantic Flower

Frantic Flower is a classics-inspired arcade game developed by a two-man team. It was recently released for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play Store.You plays as a flower and your goal is to grow as high as possible while avoiding many enemies along the way, such as birds, UFOs, and more. You can collect seeds along the way to fire back at the birds and make a clearer path.  Easy to learn yet difficult to master, players compete via leaderboards for the top spot.

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I really like the idea of this game! I love games where the main goal is to avoid confrontation while being somewhere you shouldn't be. The graphics and animations seem fitting and are what I would expect for a game like this.

One thing I didn't see, and maybe I just missed it, but the trailer and screenshots didn't hint at any sort of overarching plot or reason to be robbing these houses. Something that keeps the player going and wanting to hit as many houses as possible. If the stuff is stolen to be sold, then what can the money be used for? Something along those lines.

7 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

I very much agree with Guurd on the presentation of the game being surprisingly high. The music, graphics, voiceovers, and visual effects were all wonderful and drew me in right away. The music did get a little repetitive after a few minutes, but the energy was great so I was able to overlook it for the most part.

My biggest complaint is also in agreement with Guurd for the most part. I do agree the controls need some work, but I was fine with W being used to always move up, S to move down, etc (though I would have been fine with Guurd's suggested controls). I had two issues with the controls: the sudden burst in movement on occasion and the direction not always going where I would expect it to.

The sudden burst in movement seems to happen when going in a new direction every so often. It feels like the ship moves much faster than it normally would so I felt like lots of times I was struggling with getting my ship positioned the way I wanted due to moving past where I intended. In short, the movement speed didn't feel linear.

The direction seemed to happen when I was pressing several keys simultaneously and moving between them. if I'm moving down with S, then hold D to go down-right and then release S and hold W (so W and D are held down) to go up-right I'm mostly still moving to the right.

One other thing was I couldn't find any exit button when in full screen. I could hit End Game to go to the Main Menu, but there was no apparent way to exit the game.

7 years ago

The tutorials that popped up in the game world were fairly clear. It took me a few seconds to figure out how to use the weapons to get past the shield but once I realized I had to hold it down it made sense. I used a mouse and keyboard for the controls, however. I've played several twinstick shooters over the years so it felt pretty natural to me. My biggest complaint by far was the jerky movement.

7 years ago

Thanks very much for the feedback! I was unsure about the extra ads but was hoping it would show up infrequent enough - would making them show up less often make it more bearable? As for the graphics is it just the blockiness that is the turnoff? Is there anything salvageable in you opinion for that? Neither of us are artists (if that wasn't already obvious :)), so that's the tricky part for us.

7 years ago

Makes sense. I'll be sure to lower the ad frequency. Thanks again for the feedback! I appreciate it!

7 years ago